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To serve the automotive industry, we offer two innovative product lines, both of which ship and store flat. Our In-The-Box products come pre-assembled inside corrugated boxes, and Pop-N-Drop dividers easily pop open and drop into your expendable or returnable boxes, totes and bulk bin containers. Our divider frames are made of chipboard, and cells come in a variety of materials that provide class A product protection. Read below how our products’ features and benefits can make your business more efficient, productive and profitable.

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Product Features and Benefits

Pop-N-Drop and In-The-Box dividers provide solutions for many of the problems connected with other die cut technologies including slow assembly of dividers into containers, storage problems and material waste. With ITB dividers, your business will benefit from our lower manufacturing costs, stronger, flexible products and lightweight materials.

Below are some of the many additional innovative features and benefits that will meet your packaging needs and advance your company’s success. We also offer unique returnable solutions for the automotive industry.

Our products do not require die-cut tooling like other manufacturers. This means more efficient and productive processes that help us provide faster turnaround for our customers.

Our products use 30% less material in our processes compared to typical dividers. This helps to create a smaller environmental footprint and lower manufacturing costs, which we pass on to our customers.

Our flexible cells protect products better during transport, and our materials are glued from top to bottom, providing greater strength and durability for longer lasting products.

All Expendable products collapse and lay flat which create significant advantages including: a decreased need for plant storage space by as much as 25-75%, lower shipping expenses with more boxes and dividers per skid, and better warehouse efficiency with fewer high-low and line-side moves.

Our expendable dividers are more efficient, safe, about 50% lighter weight and use more operator-friendly materials that require less handling. This makes our products much easier and faster to assemble and/or insert into containers.

Our custom-sized cells increase box densities by an average of 12 to 18% compared to die cut systems and up to 100% when Interleaf systems are used. Interleaf nesting allows uniquely shaped products to fit together in tight units, and by avoiding air cells, you can use the entire interior of the container and increase shipping and work efficiencies at the same time. To view product density comparisons, see the Expendable Samples section above.

Our products provide Class A protection and repeatedly outperform corrugated in tests. Soft materials and non-friction paper surfaces that are flexible and engineered to custom-fit products work together to provide superior protection with less abrasion than hard-wall dividers – without compromising strength.

Materials Comparison Table

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