Protectapack™ Integrated Void Fill


    Protectapack™ is an integrated void fill dunnage solution that offers all of the features and benefits of our In-The-Box dividers, but with taller partitions available in varying heights that fold over your packaged products for increased protection.

    Protectapack™ seamlessly integrates void fill, partition, and box into one SKU, offering heightened product security and space efficiency. The system features taller, adjustable partitions that fold over products, ensuring extra protection during transit.

    Sustainable packaging for beauty and personal care products

    Showing ITB Protectapack™ top void fill on initial product packaging

    role of packaging in supply chain management

    Showing ITB Protectapack™ top void fill folded over products

    A simple three-step process keeps your items secure.

    Protectapack Void Fill Step 1
    Protectapack Void Fill Step 2
    Protectapack Void Fill Step 3

    Sustainable and Cost-Effective

    Protectapack™ is 100% recyclable paper dunnage that reduces the need for additional dunnage and decreases dimensional weight, cutting material and freight costs and aligning with ITB Packaging’s commitment to sustainable and cost-effective packaging solutions.

    ITB Packaging Announces Protectapack™ Trademark

    We are excited to announce the official trademarking of Protectapack™, our innovative component of the In-The-Box collapsible packaging system. This marks a significant step in offering advanced packaging solutions to various industries.

    Our Commitment to Excellence: The trademark of Protectapack™ is not just a legal achievement; it reflects our dedication to innovation and sustainability in packaging.

    The Benefits of Using ITB Packaging and Protectapack™:

    • Separates fragile items from heavier ones
    • Keeps liquids upright and away from dry goods
    • Eliminates the need for extra dunnage, plastic or air pillows
    • Offers an ergonomically friendly and pleasant unboxing experience for customers
    • Utilizes 100% recyclable Kraft liner board paper for durability and optimal product protection
    • Supports sustainable packaging initiatives appreciated by customers
    • Reduces warehouse and transportation space requirements and optimizes distribution center environments via single-SKU solution
    • Easily works with existing automation and fulfillment processes
    • Enhances labor, handling, and productivity efficiencies

    Why Choose ITB Packaging?

    ITB Packaging offers a revolutionary approach to protective packaging for a variety of industries. Our packaging solutions are strategically designed to address your business’s unique challenges, from rising costs to space limitations and sustainability objectives, and are innovative and customizable to meet your product range’s specific demands. Download our Protectapack™ brief and Why ITB Packaging brief to learn more about working with ITB Packaging.