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    Custom Box Inserts & Divider Systems

    Our highly engineered custom box inserts and divider systems are designed to deliver benefits throughout your supply chain by optimizing production and warehouse space, minimizing labor and touches from associates, reducing transactional order replenishment cost, and ultimately saving material and freight costs.

    Our custom box inserts and divider systems use the entire container space, while our inner-leaf and nesting capabilities go even farther to optimize density. These benefits are inherent to our technology and transcend across many industries and markets, including Specialty Beverage, Moving & Storage, Health & Beauty, E-Commerce, Electronics, Food, Manufacturing, and Automotive.

    What makes our solutions different?

    • Our innovative box insert dividers and partitions are ergonomically friendly, designed to maximize productivity and ease of use for operators.
    • Our paper-based solutions address sustainability initiatives and are 100% recyclable and single stream.
    • On average our products are 50% lighter than competitors. Freight, labor, and space all benefit from this competitive advantage.
    • Our patented solutions eliminate the costly and time-consuming die-cut processes, space, and labor associated with manufacturing, warehousing, and installation of chip, die cut, or coated partitions.
    • Our packaging divider frames are made of chipboard, and cells come in a variety of packaging materials that provide class A product protection.
    • We can increase your valuable plant storage space from 25-75% due to the single sku carton & divider we provide, now being a collapsible single-sku item.

    Download our Guide to Packaging Optimization including:

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    Competitive Advantage

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    Save money.

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    Engineered Simplicity

    No tooling.
    Effortless installation.
    Less material.
    Superior product density.

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