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    innovative packaging solutions inserts and divider systems

    Say GOODBYE to old-fashioned corrugated box partitions and HELLO to an optimized supply chain.

    Our innovative packaging solutions and divider systems are designed to optimize production and warehouse space, minimize labor and touches from associates, reduce transactional order replenishment costs, and significantly save material and freight costs. Revolutionize your packaging operations with our integrated custom box inserts.

    You’ve got challenges.

    You’re in the right place if your team has been grappling with any of these questions.

    • How can we minimize damage during shipping?
    • What packaging methods can make our labor efforts more cost-effective?
    • Are there alternative packaging materials that can help us cut costs?
    • What options exist for more cost-efficient shipping and transportation?
    • What steps can we take to make our packaging eco-friendly?
    • What solutions are there for better use of our facility storage areas?
    • Are there substitutes for die-cutting that we can consider?
    • How can we improve our packing methods to minimize the use of secondary void fill?

    We’ve got solutions.

    Our revolutionary custom packaging solutions can address all of these challenges and more and are the perfect fit for a wide variety of industries, including Automotive, E-Commerce, Beauty & Personal Care, Specialty Beverage, Food, Electronics, Moving & Storage, and Manufacturing. We tailor our packaging dividers to fit the specific needs of each industry, resulting in smoother operations and increased cost-effectiveness.

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    Revolutionary Advantages of Using Our Innovative Packaging Solutions

    1. 100% recyclable, paper-based solutions to support your sustainability initiatives
    2. Maximizes your packing density by up to 50%
    3. A collapsible single SKU carton gives you significant savings in freight, labor, and storage space
    4. Eliminates time-consuming and costly die-cut processes
    5. Provides excellent part and product protection
    6. Available in a wide variety of divider and box sizes and custom cell sizes within a single box
    7. Ergonomic design that increases productivity and ease of use for your operators

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    Engineered Simplicity

    No tooling.
    Effortless installation.
    Less material.
    Superior product density.

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