Moving & Storage Boxes with Dividers


    ITB Packaging’s packing divider kits are perfect for isolating and protecting mugs, glassware, ornaments, crafting supplies, figurines, and many other home décor or business items.

    Our kits are available in wide variety of divider sizes, ideal for custom moving boxes, and can be customized to make different-sized cells within a single box.

    Our paper partitions are 100% recyclable, making them a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers as well as your company’s sustainability values. In addition, our paper partitions are strong and durable, making them a great choice for your customers.

    Some of the many advantages of using our solutions:

    • Versatile solutions for consumer moving, organizing, and storage needs
    • Innovative all-in-one or stand-alone collapsible divider solutions
    • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly
    • Single SKU assures a higher price sale from a single shelf space
    • Easy sorting and access to packed items
    • Wide variety of divider sizes and custom cell sizes
    Material Options
    • 20# Smooth Kraft – strong and flexible paper
    • 20# Smooth Kraft Nomar – Smooth kraft with added protective coating
    • 33# Smooth Kraft

    Two Products Providing an Endless Variety of Uses


    In-The-Box products are an all-in-one collapsible moving and storage solution in a single SKU format. This is designed to assure the customer purchases the box and partition as one pack, which enhances customer experience/satisfaction. With dividers already integrated into a variety of box sizes, customers will spend less time assembling boxes, making storage and handling more efficient and stress free. And the single SKU assures the retailer the higher price sale from a single shelf space.


    Pop-N-Drop products are collapsible, pre-assembled partitions that can be easily opened and inserted into a customers existing container. This not only allows for greater versatility and use but also supports the growing popular trend to repurpose, upcycle or reuse what they already have, appealing to both the environmentally conscious and the frugal minded customer.

    ITB’s In-The-Box storage boxes with dividers or our Pop-N-Drop stand alone dividers are unique and innovative options for your customers’ moving and storage needs.


    Collapsible, pre-assembled all-in-one or stand-alone storage and moving products


    An innovative alternative for storing and protecting delicate home décor

    Easy-to-use glass pack kits for moving protection

    Why Choose ITB Packaging?

    If you’re a retailer looking to offer your customers an innovative option for packing, organizing and storing an endless variety of items, then look no further than ITB Packaging. Our solutions are simple, effective, and high quality, enabling you to meet or exceed your customer’s requirements while increasing your profits at the same time. Download our moving and storage briefs, and information sheet to learn more about working with ITB Packaging.

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    Glossary of Terms

    Pop-N-Drop dividers by ITB Packaging are pre-assembled, collapsible partitions that can be easily inserted into existing containers, providing flexibility and ease of use for customers who prefer to use their own boxes.

    In-The-Box dividers are pre-assembled, collapsible moving and storage boxes with integrated dividers, offered in various sizes to meet different customer needs.

    Boxes designed for consumer moving, organizing, and storing needs that feature dividers to isolate and protect items such as mugs, glassware, and ornaments.

    Sets that include dividers specifically designed to fit within moving and storage boxes while allowing for customizable compartment sizes within a single box. Ideal for consumers who need tailored solutions for different-sized items.

    Different types of paper used in the manufacturing of dividers, including Smooth Kraft and Smooth Kraft Nomar, with the latter featuring an added protective coating for enhanced item safety. Either choice provides strong and environmentally friendly protection.

    Innovative packaging solutions from ITB Packaging that can be collapsed for easy storage and expanded for use. These dividers are designed to be space-efficient and user-friendly, suitable for both moving and storing a variety of items.

    A packaging strategy where a product is sold as one complete package, including both the box and the dividers. This approach simplifies purchasing and stocking processes, often leading to higher sales from a single shelf space.

    Terms that describe the process of reusing or repurposing materials in ways that enhance the usability and longevity of existing containers.