ITB Packaging's Innovative Packaging Divider Systems


    ITB Packaging’s innovative packaging divider systems can address our customers’ challenges with total cost of ownership in packaging and optimize your supply chain by lowering costs, maximizing space, and reducing labor. We simplify your packaging process with customizable options, use recyclable materials, and provide quick turnarounds while delivering higher-quality protection for your parts and products.


    ITB Packaging was founded in 2011 and continues to grow in product lines, facilities, and technology, allowing us to provide solutions that solve our customers’ challenges and pain points.


    E-Commerce, Automotive, Beauty and Personal Care, Electronics, Manufacturing, Food, Specialty Beverage, and Moving and Storage. We can provide briefs for each vertical market along with key case studies.


    ITB has substantial expertise and history in reducing product damage, along with reducing labor, storage, handling, and transportation costs. Our solutions tend to optimize the entire interior space of the container by eliminating the need for air cells and intersecting cells tied to die-cut corrugated or chip dividers and partitions.


    Our design and customer care teams provide services, including design, quoting, and sampling of our innovative solutions. We also have a design guide we share with our channel partners and end-user customers.


    ITB is well-staffed in design, quotation, manufacturing, quality, sales, and marketing, able to provide our customers with the high levels of service and solutions they expect from a packaging solutions provider.


    ITB has two primary locations in Michigan and a series of National distribution partners throughout the US, allowing us to supply a wide geographical footprint effectively.


    You’re invited to schedule a tour of our facilities by contacting


    ITB Packaging’s innovative packaging divider systems eliminate the need for tooling or dies, offering greater flexibility, lower MOQs, and the ability to meet diverse customer needs across sizes and locations.


    ITB Packaging’s raw materials and supplies are all sourced in the US and meet our strict requirements on quality from our supplier network. Specifications and consistency are key features we demand from our valued supply partners.


    ITB has a series of custom-made automated ply-laying machines along with framing and divider insertion technology that provide capacity for growth via leveraging automation.


    We have a dedicated Quality Department, along with training and calibration of our equipment. Our ISO-9001 certification and annual review process mandate that we have the training and protocols in place to meet our valued customers’ quality and consistency goals.


    ITB has extensive material data sheets and testing results in our library available upon request.


    Our operations, industrial engineering, and quality teams implement safety protocols and equipment, such as light curtains, to minimize injuries and comply with OSHA standards.

    9 Advantages of Using ITB Packaging Solutions

    1. 100% recyclable, paper-based solutions to support sustainability initiatives
    2. Maximizes packing density via flexible cell sizes, inner-leaf, and nesting capabilities
    3. Collapsible single-SKU carton means significant savings in freight, labor, and storage space
    4. Eliminates time-consuming and costly die-cut processes
    5. Provides excellent protection, minimizing the risk of damage during transit
    6. Available in a wide variety of divider and box sizes and custom cell sizes within a single box
    7. Easy-to-use, ergonomic design that increases productivity and ease of use for operators
    8. Integrates into existing packaging processes, including automated and pick-and-pack
    9. Efficient and productive processes that provide quick turnaround time

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    Your Top Questions Answered

    To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compiled answers to the questions businesses often ask.

    In the context of e-commerce, boxes usually aren’t stacked in a way that would necessitate the stacking strength provided by corrugated dividers. For warehousing or wholesale applications, the stacking strength is primarily influenced by the product inside the box rather than the type of divider used.

    Our packaging designs provide protection through separation and isolation and the built-in flexibility to absorb external shocks, unlike corrugated dividers that transfer shocks to the product. We offer custom samples for independent testing to demonstrate the protective features of our design. For product categories requiring more, we offer our Protectapack™ integrated void fill for maximum protection.

    We offer solutions in various weights and designs to accommodate heavier shipments. Weight tests conducted on our Protectapack™ designs have proven to support package weights up to 38 pounds, surpassing the demands of typical e-commerce packages. In other applications, the weight issue is generally negligible when boxes are properly stacked on pallets and proper ECT requirements of corrugated cartons are incorporated.

    In some cases, based on divider sizes and materials, our products may be priced somewhat higher due to their superior design. However, the overall labor, material handling, space, and shipping savings can easily offset the initial costs. These savings apply to all markets we serve, including e-commerce, where the improved unboxing experience could justify a higher price.

    Our right-sized integrated cell dividers eliminate the need for extra dunnage for most products. However, when additional protection is needed, we offer custom designs to make our dividers shorter than the box’s height and offer our Protectapack™ solution for maximum protection.

    Most of our customers use Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs), which are the most cost-effective and versatile. We work with HSC style cartons as well.

    Our focus on sustainability is reflected in the use of ink-free, natural kraft paper for the majority of our customers. However, we can provide our solutions in white boxes with printing on the exterior or interior flaps of the box to satisfy branding needs for our consumer-facing customers.

    We can meet demands across most geographic locations through our ITB Packaging facilities and channel partners. Freight costs are an inevitable part of the supply chain, but our cost-effective solutions across other aspects (DIM weight, right-sizing, collapsible integrated single SKU) usually lead to net savings for our customers.

    ITB Packaging is ISO 9001 certified. While ITB Packaging isn’t ISO 14001 certified, we offer sustainable packaging options that can assist your company in achieving such certifications.

    Our design team works closely with customers to create dividers that can accommodate a wide range of product sizes, offering optimal fit and protection levels for virtually all applications.

    Our expendable packaging solutions are compatible with most automated equipment in many applications.

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