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    The way we do business is changing daily with the growth of e-commerce. More and more products are being shipped from fulfillment and distribution centers, meaning there is a greater need to protect these items from damage cost-effectively while minimizing wasted space. However, the changing mix of shipped items and the increasing complexity makes optimizing how these products are shipped and protected harder.

    At ITB Packaging, we seek to solve the complexity of e-commerce packaging and ensure protection while seamlessly integrating dunnage into a box. Our divider systems, along with varying material grades and substrates, can come in nearly any size and layout. With our ecommerce packaging solutions already integrated into any box size, packers will spend less time managing filler options and more time getting shipments out on time.

    Greater protection.

    ITB’s high-quality soft, flexible materials provide a better fit for protection for your E-Commerce orders than typical hard-wall options. We seal the cells from top to bottom, providing strength, durability, and superior part separation. Our paper partitions are designed to protect fragile items from heavier items, preventing shifting and migration during transport.

    Increased productivity.

    ITB’s packaging partitions are a versatile and efficient solution for your E-Commerce packaging needs. They can be integrated with in-carton erecting equipment or pick & pack modules for increased efficiency while reducing the number of employees needed and providing a single SKU solution. Tooling is not required, and the partitions can be easily customized to fit a variety of product sizes and shapes without the need for void fill. Our packaging systems fold flat for storage or shipping and expand quickly for effortless setup in the container.

    Aligned with your sustainability goals.

    In addition to requiring less material, our paper partitions are 100% recyclable, making them a great choice for businesses with sustainability goals. In addition, our paper partitions are also strong and durable, making them a great choice for your products. For more strategies on how to reduce costs, improve line efficiency, and achieve greater sustainability, check out our in-depth Guide to Packaging Optimization.

    E-Commerce Packaging Solutions
    ITB Packaging Reusable Packaging Solutions Lowers Costs
    ITB Packaging Optimizes Supply Chain
    ITB Packaging Cuts Labor Time
    ITB Packaging Increases Density
    ITB Packaging Uses Less Materials and Resources
    ITB Packaging has materials for all protection levels

    Lower your supply chain cost

    Move more with less

    Reduce set up and assembly time

    Increase density with better fit

    Use less material and resources

    Materials for all protection levels

    Greater Cost Savings

    In an E-Commerce grocery case study, we determined that using an ITB Packaging divider system could provide the following estimated savings:

    • 48 cents reduction of void fill packaging cost by eliminating air pillows.
    • Reduction of labor by eliminating the multiple repetitive motion and touches of reaching for air pillows, pulling pillows into car, tearing of air pillows, manipulating the air pillows into voids and filling head space. In many cases another touch occurs, when operator either adds more air pillows or removal of excess air pillows.
    • Between $.80 and $1.29 savings of shipping costs due to dimensional right sizing of carton. (Based on comparison of 16 DIM lbs. being reduced to 14 DIM lbs.)
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    E-Commerce order nested safely and securely with ITB Packaging box dividers

    Why Choose ITB Packaging?

    If you are looking for the best E-Commerce secondary packaging solution, consider ITB Packaging.  Our Pop-N-Drop and In-The-Box dividers provide optimal protection, greater productivity, and efficiency, and can help you meet your sustainability goals. Download our E-Commerce brief, case studies, and information sheet to learn more about working with ITB Packaging.

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    Glossary of Terms

    Customized packaging strategies designed to meet online retail’s unique demands, focusing on protection, productivity, and sustainability.

    Dunnage in the packaging industry refers to the padding or loose materials used to protect and support products during transportation and handling. Dunnage can be made from a wide variety of materials, but paper is the most sustainable choice. See our Protectapack dunnage solution.

    Packaging dividers, also known as box inserts, partitions, or separators, are devices that separate sections within a container, and can be used to provide cushioning and separation. ITB Packaging offers two revolutionary divider systems: Pop-N-Drop and In-The-Box.

    Materials used by ITB Packaging that provide superior protection for e-commerce orders compared to traditional hard-wall alternatives. These materials are designed to fit better and protect fragile items from damage during shipping.

    Automated or semi-automated systems are used in e-commerce fulfillment centers to streamline the packaging process. ITB Packaging’s partitions can integrate with these systems to increase efficiency and reduce labor needs.

    A unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased. ITB Packaging provides single SKU solutions that simplify inventory and reduce handling requirements.

    In manufacturing, tooling refers to the process and machinery required to produce parts or items. ITB Packaging’s solutions do not require die-cut tooling, which leads to more efficient processes and quicker turnaround times.

    The practice of choosing packaging dimensions that closely fit the product dimensions to reduce material use and shipping costs. ITB Packaging helps achieve dimensional right sizing, significantly reducing shipping costs by optimizing package sizes.

    Costs associated with additional packing materials used to fill empty spaces in shipping boxes to prevent item movement. ITB Packaging’s dividers eliminate the need for excessive void fill, reducing both material costs and waste.

    Part of ITB Packaging’s commitment to sustainability, our partitions are made from 100% recyclable paper, offering a strong yet environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packing materials.