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    We provide high-quality automotive packaging solutions for both expendable and returnable packaging that provide optimal protection, greater productivity, and efficiency and can help you meet your sustainability goals. With ITB Packaging dividers, your business will benefit from our lower manufacturing costs, stronger, flexible products, and lightweight materials.

    Our ISO 09001 Certified Quality Management System and commitment to ongoing improvement enable us to offer superior products and service. We adopt a comprehensive approach to examine all possible aspects of part protection and transportation. Our patented solution provides unparalleled part density in a corrugated box, bulk bin, or tote.

    Expendable and Returnable Dividers Features and Benefits

    Both of our innovative product lines ship and store flat, including our In-The-Box dividers that come pre-assembled inside corrugated boxes and our Pop-N-Drop dividers that easily pop open and drop into your expendable or returnable boxes, totes, and bulk bin containers. Our divider frames are made of chipboard, and cells come in a variety of materials.

    Pop-N-Drop and In-The-Box dividers solve many of the problems connected with other die-cut technologies, including slow assembly of dividers into containers, storage problems, and material waste.

    ITB’s tote and bulk bin dividers for vertical loaded parts retain the benefits of die-cut and sewn products and also solve the problems associated with these older technologies including labor-intensive, slow, expensive processes; materials that wear easily and pull away from the Pcorr causing part and cell damage; and costly shipping of empty Bins back to the plant.

    Below are some of the many additional innovative features and benefits that will meet your automotive packaging needs and advance your company’s success.

    Our automotive packaging solutions do not require die-cut tooling like other manufacturers. This means more efficient and productive processes that help us provide faster turnaround for our customers. Our lean processes use far less labor and provide customer savings of about 60% less than sewn and 20% less than comparable fabric covered PCORR.

    Our products use 30% less material in our processes compared to typical dividers. This helps to create a smaller environmental footprint and lower manufacturing costs, which we pass on to our customers.

    Our flexible cells protect products better during transport, and our materials are glued from top to bottom, providing greater strength and durability for longer lasting products, and last longer and yield lower costs compared to fabric on Pcorr or fabric on foam.

    All Expendable products collapse and lay flat which create significant advantages including: a decreased need for plant storage space by as much as 25-75%, lower shipping expenses with more boxes and dividers per skid, and better warehouse efficiency with fewer high-low and line-side moves.

    Returnable bins and dividers can collapse to create plant storage space savings and lower return-shipping expenses by nearly three-fold, because in many cases ITB bulk bins dividers can be collapsed inside the bin when empty. For example, 78 full 4845-34 bin containers fit on a full-size truck and 208 collapsed bins fin in the same truck.

    Our expendable dividers are more efficient, safe, about 50% lighter weight and use more operator-friendly materials that require less handling. This makes our products much easier and faster to assemble and/or insert into containers. Our returnable solutions use more operator-friendly material and require less handling, making them much easier and faster to assemble and insert into containers. In fact, by using screws on one side for security and hook/loops on the opposite side, you can set up and knock down dividers in bins in just 30 seconds each way.

    Our custom-sized cells increase box densities by an average of 12 to 18% compared to die cut systems and up to 100% when Interleaf systems are used. Interleaf nesting allows uniquely shaped products to fit together in tight units, and by avoiding air cells, you can use the entire interior of the container and increase shipping and work efficiencies at the same time. To view product density comparisons, see the Expendable Samples section above.

    Our custom-shaped cells increase densities by an average of 20% compared to die cut systems and up to 100% when interleaf systems are used. Interleaf nesting allows different shaped products to fit together in tight units, and by avoiding air cells, you can use the entire interior of the container and increase shipping and work efficiencies at the same time.

    Our expendable and returnable automotive packaging dividers provide Class A protection and repeatedly outperform corrugated in tests. Soft materials and non-friction paper surfaces that are flexible and engineered to custom-fit products work together to provide superior protection with less abrasion than hard-wall dividers .

    Our returnable product materials, such as Soft Blue Plush, Evolon, and LX materials, are flexible and engineered to custom-fit products and provide superior protection with less abrasion than hard-wall die-cut dividers, without compromising strength. In contrast, Die-cut systems cause parts to rub against the walls causing quick fabric wear, exposure to glue and Pcorr, and extra movement in transit. Because our material flexes with the part, it eliminates the pressure points that cause part damage.

    ITB Packaging Reusable Packaging Solutions Lowers Costs
    ITB Packaging Optimizes Supply Chain
    ITB Packaging Cuts Labor Time
    ITB Packaging Increases Density
    ITB Packaging Uses Less Materials and Resources
    ITB Packaging has materials for all protection levels

    Lower your supply chain cost

    Move more with less

    Reduce set up and assembly time

    Increase density with better fit

    Use less material and resources

    Materials for all protection levels

    Expendable Packaging Divider Samples

    Returnable Packaging Divider Samples

    Why Choose ITB Packaging?

    If you are looking for a high quality packaging solution for the automotive industry, consider ITB Packaging. Our expendable and returnable solutions  provide optimal protection, greater productivity and efficiency, and can help you meet your sustainability goals. Download our Automotive brief and information sheet to learn more about working with ITB Packaging.

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    Glossary of Terms

    Typically, packaging solutions are designed to be either disposed of after one use (expendable) or reused multiple times (returnable). However, ITB Packaging’s expendable solutions can often be reused multiple times, depending on the application.

    Pop-N-Drop dividers are a unique product offered by ITB Packaging designed to simplify the process of packing and unpacking in automotive logistics. These dividers “pop open” and “drop” into place, reducing assembly time and improving warehouse and transport efficiency.

    In-The-Box dividers are ITB’s intuitive, all-in-one box and divider solution that comes fully assembled. This single SKU solution is completely collapsible, ships flat, and stacks just like empty corrugated boxes, saving space, increasing pack density, and enhancing packing processes.

    Traditional methods used in packaging include die-cutting, which involves cutting shapes from materials using a die, and sewn technologies, which involve stitching materials together. These processes can be labor-intensive and less environmentally friendly compared to newer solutions offered by ITB Packaging.

    Containers used in industrial and commercial environments for storing and transporting large quantities of goods. ITB Packaging provides solutions to enhance the usability of these containers with custom-fit dividers for efficient space utilization.

    A methodology that focuses on minimizing waste within manufacturing systems while simultaneously maximizing productivity.

    The impact a company or product has on the environment, including the use of resources and the generation of waste.

    Refers to the design of products that optimize human well-being and overall system performance.

    A measure of how efficiently space is utilized within a box. Higher box density means more products can be packed securely without wasting space.

    A packing technique where items are stacked in a layered pattern that maximizes space utilization and minimizes movement. This technique is particularly useful for protecting delicate parts during transport.

    The compact arrangement of parts within a packaging system, which helps in maximizing space and minimizing damage during transportation.

    The highest level of protection offered in packaging, ensuring that the most delicate and high-value items are safeguarded from any potential damage during transit.

    Expendable Materials Comparison Table

    Available ITB Materials providing class A protectionReplaces
    20# Smooth Kraft: Durable material with strong protection levels for lightweight items. Ideal protection for molded plastic parts and majority of painted plastic parts. 100% recyclable material.Corrugated and chipboard partitions
    Nomar Coated 20# Kraft Paper: We add Nomar coating to our 20# Kraft Smooth Kraft Paper to provide additional surface protection for the most sensitive surfaces including Piano Black and High Gloss finishes.Corrugated with Nomar; PE coated corrugated
    ESD Paper: ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) provides additional static dissipating properties that are inherent to the natural static dissipating properties of paper.ESD chipboard or ESD corrugated
    Elite Fabric: Spun bound polypropylene which provides special protection for highly sensitive class "A" parts and is recyclable.Bagging of parts

    Returnable Materials Comparison Table

    Available ITB Materials providing class A protectionReplaces
    Blue Plush: Blue-brushed polyester on both sides with polyester center for additional loft and durability. Provides excellent part and surface protection for a wide variety of molded parts.Pcor (plastic corrugated) Spunbond; Pcor Brushed Polyester; Pcor Soft Edge; Sewn Headliner; Soft Edge
    LX: This is a gray Spunbond Polypropylene felt style product. Entry level returnable fabric material.All Spunbond PP; Spunbond PP on Corrugated Plastic; Spunbond PP on Chip Board
    Evolon: a compact fiber structure that is both strong and exceptionally soft. This proprietary threadless fabric eliminates the interaction between your sensitive products and beading of threads in comparison to sewn technology. Provides static dissipating properties.Microfiber; Pcor (plastic corrugated) Spunbond; Pcor Brushed Polyester; Pcor Soft Edge; Sewn Headliner; Soft Edge

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