Secondary Packaging Solutions


    We are a new kind of manufacturer, revolutionizing the secondary packaging solutions industry with innovative packaging solutions utilizing exceptionally engineered packaging divider systems for a wide range of markets.

    Our innovative packaging solutions include our In-the-Box pre-assembled partition systems that are already integrated inside corrugated boxes and our Pop-and-Drop divider systems that can be easily opened and inserted into a customer’s container. Both offer unparalleled value saving space, production, assembly time, and money – a remarkable advantage over other packaging systems.

    Based in Holland, Michigan, our team has decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution management. Early on we recognized the potential for packaging system innovation, and have developed advanced technologies and divider products powerful enough to revolutionize the industry.

    We keep it simple: innovative design, cost-effective manufacturing, superior customer service, world-class processes, and total quality management. We value long-term partnerships with customers and want to lead the way in environmental responsibility.

    Find out how our innovative secondary packaging solutions and divider systems can save you time, space and money.

    Send us your questions or let us know if you’d like to arrange a convenient time for a free no obligation phone, Zoom, or in-person consultation.

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    Competitive Advantage

    Our secondary packaging solutions have been created to deliver benefits that save space, production and assembly time, and money – value that is simply not possible with other systems or secondary packaging companies.

    We can help you save time by using products that are significantly more ergonomic and flexible, and on average, 50% lighter than competitors, making them quicker, easier and safer for operators to insert into containers. We also do not require time-consuming die-cut processes. As a result, we can deliver fast turnarounds and substantial savings, including returnable packaging solutions that are priced up to 60% lower than sewn and as much as 20% lower than comparable fabric covered PCORR.

    You will be able to increase plant storage space from 25-75% with our boxes and containers because they are collapsible, and turn your warehouse back into manufacturing space! And when shipping, our customized cells nest products closer and use the entire container interior, which can raise packing densities by 15-100%. For return shipping, flattened Returnable bins boost cargo space nearly three-fold, which means fewer trucks on the road and reduced transportation costs.

    Simply put, ITB Packaging delivers higher quality packaging solutions with no tooling, less material, more productive processes and faster deliveries, all of which yield numerous and substantial direct and indirect cost saving benefits.

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    Engineered Simplicity

    Simplicity is key: Our packaging systems and products are engineered so that they are easy to understand and intuitive to use. We value simplicity because it yields better efficiency, productivity and savings for customers — while making our lives easier.

    Tooling and ease of installation: Unlike traditional packaging, we make rectangular divider systems that require no tooling and can be easily managed throughout the supply chain. Systems fold flat for storage or shipping and expand quickly for effortless setup in the container.

    Less material – lighter weight – lower costs – greener: Our revolutionary processes use less raw material to perform the same function as other packaging manufacturers’ products.  This leads to lower prices for customers and greener operations — less material reduces manufacturing costs and creates a smaller footprint, while lighter weight, compact products reduce transportation expenses.

    Quality with better protection: ITB’s high quality soft, flexible materials custom-fit products for better protection compared to typical hard-wall options, and we seal the cells from top to bottom providing strength, durability, and superior part separation. To learn how our products repeatedly out-perform corrugated materials and Pcorr in part-protection, visit our solutions page.

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    Partnership Commitment

    ITB Packaging is committed to helping you reach your packaging goals by working collaboratively to deliver secondary packaging solutions that enhance your business’ reputation and bottom-line.

    Commitment. We strive to be the best in the world at manufacturing and innovating rectangular cell dividers for the packaging industry, and can seamlessly integrate our exceptional engineering and products into your processes. Our secondary packaging solutions are simple, effective, and high quality, enabling you to meet or exceed your customer’s requirements while increasing your profits at the same time.

    Responsiveness. Our processes and systems are unique to the industry and allow us to provide quick turnarounds, speedy quotes and quick sample requests.

    Collaboration. We listen to your business concerns and cultivate long-term, transparent and ethical relationships with our partners, and believe that by working together, we can make a strong economic impact on our communities, region and the world.

    History and Vision. Our team at ITB is grounded in decades of experience in the packaging industry with a mindset that embraces the future. Our vision is focused on making your business better than ever by creating innovative solutions for today, and a roadmap for tomorrow.

    Awards + Recognition

    Shake it like you mean it

    ITB is committed to making quality products and we use a variety of tests for our dividers and the materials that compose them.

    From testing glue temperatures and bead widths to performing pull (strength) tests on our materials and installing an on-site Shaker Table, we are committed to being the best in the world at manufacturing rectangular cell dividers and we continually work to achieve that goal.

    Our Shaker Table allows us to ensure quality by offering side-by-side shake tests of your current dividers compared to ITB dividers loaded with your parts or products. Contact us if you would like to utilize this option for your dividers.

    This video demonstrates the difference flexibility makes in the treatment that parts and products receive during transport.

    ITB Divider Testing Shaker Table

    Traditional Corrugated Divider Testing Shaker Table

    VIEW THE VIDEOS IN THIS MANNER: First, click the arrow play button on both videos and see the difference in a side-by-side comparison. Next, play the Traditional Corrugated Divider video, close your eyes, and listen. When finished, play the ITB Divider video in the same manner and then ask yourself the following questions: Which product sounds better? Which one brings more comfort and makes you believe your product will arrive safely at your customer’s door?