The demand for better packaging is growing and ITB Packaging is continually expanding into new markets. Our corrugated boxes with dividers give you flexibility in design, cell optimization, ergonomic impacts and significant cost savings. If your industry is not listed below, contact us to see how we can help your business join the packaging revolution.

Specialty Beverage

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ITB Packaging is changing the way specialty beverages are being shipped. With our patented and flexible paper and fabric-based divider systems, we offer a solution that gives flexibility in design along with cell optimization, ergonomic impacts and significant cost savings. The manufacturing process requires no tooling for easy set up and quick response time. In addition, these solutions are completely recyclable and collapse completely with the dividers inside the box. Learn more about our specialty beverage packaging solutions.

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Retail Ready

Retail Ready Market

Unlike many other packaging companies, ITB Packaging offers much more than just a corrugated box with a graphic design. One of the biggest packaging problems within the Retail Ready packaging industry is the instability of the products on a store shelf. With a lack of support the removal of a few products can result in the collapse of a whole product display. This can cause product damage and increase costs for cleaning labor and product replacement. With ITB Packaging’s ergonomically designed dividers, each piece of merchandise will be safely nestled within individual cells, securing them in place.

Our fully assembled and collapsible packaging solutions will offer your company a vast amount of cost savings throughout the supply chain. In addition to the ease of use of our products we have also introduced a perforated option that allows the top of the pack to tear away when placed on the shelf.

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Health and Beauty

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With sustainability being one of ITB Packaging’s top priorities, we can produce 100% recyclable packaging options for all your health and beauty products. ITB Packaging has a wide array of ergonomically designed packaging solutions that are customizable to a wide variety of products from shampoos and conditioners to brushes and applicators.

Our design team has the knowledge and talent to find a packaging solution for your company’s needs, regardless of the shape or size of the product. ITB Packaging is dedicated to making sure your merchandise arrives to the store front without spillage or damage.


E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

E-commerce is changing the way we do business in the United States and the world every day. With more and more products shipping out from a Fulfillment or Distribution center, the need to protect those products and keep them from damage in a cost-effective solution is paramount. Flexibility, along with the changing mix of items being shipped out, is creating greater complexity and making it harder to optimize how products are shipping and being protected.

ITB Packaging solutions look to solve the complexity and ensure protection while seamlessly integrating dunnage into a box. Learn more about our E-commerce packaging solutions.


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Getting electronic components and parts through the supply chain is a difficult task. With the complexity and delicateness required to protect these parts, an understanding of how electronic components need to be shipped is where ITB can help.

Our solutions offer a wide range of cell density options along with the use of fabric and paper-based materials that reduce electrostatic discharge. We also offer an option utilizing ESD material and Polypropylene fabrics that provide protection for highly sensitive surfaces.

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Shipments of household goods, clothing and electronics are not the only items that are seeing a significant increase in parcel shipment through e-commerce channels; food products like grocery and packaged goods are as well. The way groceries and food-based products get to our homes is not just about going to the local store, it’s about going directly to our doorstep or business. Companies are now looking for better, more economical and safer ways to get these products where they need to go.

At ITB Packaging our products are a fully recyclable option that is flexible in design while changing the way these items are shipped. Our solution uses our patented technology to compartmentalize food items, so heavy and light items along with liquids do not touch, interfere or damage each other. These solutions come in a variety of options that can suit nearly any food product being shipped. Learn more about our food packaging solutions.

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ITB Packaging specializes in custom “in-the-box” packaging designs for many industries many of which are specifically tailored for manufacturing. From aerospace to appliance and many other groups we are striving to implement solutions that not only decrease packaging costs per item but lead to greater transportation protection. An ITB Packaging solution can be placed into a bulk bin, tote or corrugated box given the flexibility for the product to either become a returnable or recyclable product.

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