Protective Packaging for Beauty & Personal Care Products


    Achieve cost and labor efficiency, optimize space, maximize protection, and commit to sustainability with our recyclable solutions.

    ITB Packaging offers innovative protective packaging for personal care products and cosmetics that addresses rising costs, supply chain issues, and sustainability concerns in an industry where consumer demand and business challenges are ever-evolving.

    Sustainable packaging for beauty and personal care products

    Example showing ITB Packaging Solutions for Personal Care Products and Cosmetics

    Cost-effective and Labor-efficient

    Rising wage rates and inflation make cost-effectiveness paramount. Our protective packaging solutions eliminate the need for expensive die-cutting and tooling, reduce manual labor and associated costs, and help streamline your packaging process. This leads to decreased transactional order replenishment costs while maintaining the quality and protection of your beauty and personal care products.

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    Space-saving and Transportation-efficient

    Supply chain disruptions often result in longer lead times, causing warehouse space to become a limited and valuable resource. Our packaging solutions for personal care products and cosmetics optimize space utilization with integrated collapsible single SKU cartons. This technology maximizes every corner of the container, eliminating inefficient intersecting cells and air gaps. Consequently, you achieve increased packing density, thereby reducing transportation and shipping costs—essential in an industry where logistics are a significant operational expenditure.

    How ITB Packaging Optimizes the Supply Chain

    Peace of Mind Protection

    Durable and sturdy personal care and cosmetic packaging is vital to help prevent accidental crushing or leakage en route from the manufacturing facility to the retail shelves or when shipped directly to consumers from e-commerce platforms. Our flexible cells using 100% Kraft liner board paper provide durability and optimal protection for your products. For increased protection, our In-The-Box line gives you the option to use our Protectapack™ dividers with integrated top void fill that are available in different heights, tall enough to fold over the top of your packaged products.

    Protective packaging for personal care products and cosmetics

    Example showing ITB Packaging Protectapack™ for Beauty Products

    Sustainable Packaging Box

    Sustainable and Recyclable

    With an increased focus on sustainability in the beauty and personal care industry, choosing the right packaging for personal care products and cosmetics has become crucial and the pressure to incorporate eco-friendly practices is more significant than ever. ITB Packaging is committed to providing 100% recyclable, paper-based protective packaging solutions. Choose between our In-The-Box pre-assembled and pre-installed partition systems or our Pop-N-Drop dividers, both designed to align with your sustainability initiatives. Our offerings not only help you meet eco-friendly criteria but also provide superior protection for your products during transportation and storage.

    Why Choose ITB Packaging?

    ITB Packaging offers a revolutionary approach to protective packaging for the beauty and personal care industry. Our packaging solutions are strategically designed to address your business’s unique challenges, from rising costs to space limitations and sustainability objectives, and are innovative and customizable to meet your product range’s specific demands. Download our beauty and personal care brief, case study, and information sheet to learn more about working with ITB Packaging.

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    Packaging Comparison for Personal Care Products

    Example showing before (on left) and after (on right) of packaged personal care products nested safely and securely with ITB Packaging solutions

    Some of the many advantages of using our solutions:

    • No Tooling: Our dividers do not require die-cut tooling like other manufacturers. This means more efficient and productive processes that help us provide faster turnaround for our customers.
    • Less Material: Our packaging solutions use 30% less material in our processes compared to typical dividers. This helps to create a smaller environmental footprint and lower manufacturing costs.
    • Collapsible: Our expendable dividers collapse and lay flat which creates significant advantages including: a decreased need for plant storage space by as much as 25-75%, lower shipping expenses with more boxes and dividers per skid, and better warehouse efficiency with fewer high-low and line-side moves.
    • Ergonomic: Our paper dividers are about 50% lighter weight and require less handling. This makes our products much easier and faster to assemble and/or insert into containers.
    • Box Density: Our custom-sized cells increase box densities by an average of 12 to 18% compared to die cut systems and up to 100% when Interleaf systems are used. Interleaf nesting allows uniquely shaped products to fit together in tight units, and by avoiding air cells, you can use the entire interior of the container and increase shipping and work efficiencies at the same time.

    Your Top Questions Answered

    To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compiled answers to the questions businesses like yours ask most often.

    In the context of e-commerce, boxes usually aren’t stacked in a way that would necessitate the stacking strength provided by corrugated dividers. For warehousing or wholesale applications, the stacking strength is primarily influenced by the product inside the box rather than the type of divider used.

    Our packaging designs provide protection through separation and isolation and the built-in flexibility to absorb external shocks, unlike corrugated dividers that transfer shocks to the product. We offer custom samples for independent testing to demonstrate the protective features of our design. For product categories requiring more, we offer our Protectapak® integrated void fill for maximum protection.

    We offer solutions in various weights and designs to accommodate heavier shipments. Weight tests conducted on our Protectapak® designs have proven to support package weights up to 38 pounds, surpassing the demands of typical e-commerce packages. In other applications, the weight issue is generally negligible when boxes are properly stacked on pallets and proper ECT requirements of corrugated cartons are incorporated.

    In some cases, based on divider sizes and materials, our products may be priced somewhat higher due to their superior design. However, the overall labor, material handling, space, and shipping savings can easily offset the initial costs. These savings apply to all markets we serve, including e-commerce, where the improved unboxing experience could justify a higher price.

    Our right-sized integrated cell dividers eliminate the need for extra dunnage for most products. However, when additional protection is needed, we offer custom designs to make our dividers shorter than the box’s height and offer our Protectapak® solution for maximum protection.

    Most of our customers use Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs), which are the most cost-effective and versatile. We work with HSC style cartons as well.

    Our focus on sustainability is reflected in the use of ink-free, natural kraft paper for the majority of our customers. However, we can provide our solutions in white boxes with printing on the exterior or interior flaps of the box to satisfy branding needs for our consumer-facing customers.

    We can meet demands across most geographic locations through our ITB Packaging facilities and channel partners. Freight costs are an inevitable part of the supply chain, but our cost-effective solutions across other aspects (DIM weight, right-sizing, collapsible integrated single SKU) usually lead to net savings for our customers.

    ITB Packaging is ISO 9001 certified. While ITB Packaging isn’t ISO 14001 certified, we offer sustainable packaging options that can assist your company in achieving such certifications.

    Our design team works closely with customers to create dividers that can accommodate a wide range of product sizes, offering optimal fit and protection levels for virtually all applications.

    Our expendable packaging solutions are compatible with most automated equipment in many applications.