Beauty & Personal Care Packaging Solutions

    ITB Packaging Reusable Packaging Solutions Lowers Costs
    ITB Packaging Optimizes Supply Chain
    ITB Packaging Cuts Labor Time
    ITB Packaging Increases Density
    ITB Packaging Uses Less Materials and Resources
    ITB Packaging has materials for all protection levels

    Lower your supply chain cost

    Move more with less

    Reduce set up and assembly time

    Increase density with better fit

    Use less material and resources

    Materials for all protection levels

    Packaging for Beauty and Personal Care Products

    The beauty and personal care markets cover a broad array of products, including cosmetics, skin care, nutraceuticals, hair care and oral care products. Packaging for personal care products and cosmetics requires packaging that is sturdy and protective while also cost-effective and eco-friendly. See how ITB Packaging’s innovative packaging solutions excel at achieving these objectives.

    Greater protection.

    Personal care and cosmetic products in particular can be fragile and must be handled with care at all stages including during product storage and transportation. Durable and sturdy cosmetic packaging is vital to help prevent accidental crushing or leakage en route from the manufacturing facility to the retail shelves or when shipped direct to consumers from e-commerce platforms. Our flexible cells using class A soft materials and non-friction paper surfaces engineered to custom-fit products providing optimal protection for your products. For increased protection, our In-The-Box line gives you the option to use our Protectapak™ dividers that are available in different heights, tall enough to fold over the top of your packaged products.

    Protective packaging for beauty and personal care products
    Sustainable packaging for beauty and personal care products

    Sustainable choice.

    Cosmetic and personal care product companies are under increasing pressure to become more eco-friendly at every stage from sourcing ingredients, to manufacturing processes, to how the product is stored and shipped to the customer. Paper is a great choice for sustainable cosmetic packaging, eco friendly beauty product packaging, and personal care packaging because it is renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. It is also relatively lightweight and can replace plastic filling such as bubble wrap for protection. ITB’s paper-based solutions are 100% recyclable and single stream, appealing to both consumers and manufacturers who are looking to make a difference.


    Saving you money is where our cosmetic and personal care product packaging solutions really shine. Here’s how:

    • No Tooling: Our dividers do not require die-cut tooling like other manufacturers. This means more efficient and productive processes that help us provide faster turnaround for our customers.
    • Less Material: Our packaging solutions use 30% less material in our processes compared to typical dividers. This helps to create a smaller environmental footprint and lower manufacturing costs.
    • Collapsible: Our expendable dividers collapse and lay flat which creates significant advantages including: a decreased need for plant storage space by as much as 25-75%, lower shipping expenses with more boxes and dividers per skid, and better warehouse efficiency with fewer high-low and line-side moves.
    • Ergonomic: Our paper dividers are about 50% lighter weight and require less handling. This makes our products much easier and faster to assemble and/or insert into containers.
    • Box Density: Our custom-sized cells increase box densities by an average of 12 to 18% compared to die cut systems and up to 100% when Interleaf systems are used. Interleaf nesting allows uniquely shaped products to fit together in tight units, and by avoiding air cells, you can use the entire interior of the container and increase shipping and work efficiencies at the same time.
    packaging for personal care products

    Before and after of packaged personal care products. On the right, products are nested safely and securely with ITB Packaging box dividers.

    At ITB Packaging, we understand that cosmetics and personal care products require packaging that is protective, cost-effective and eco-friendly.  Our Pop-N-Drop and In-The-Box dividers provide optimal protection, greater productivity and efficiency, and can help you meet your sustainability goals. Request your free no obligation quote today.