Announcing Protectapack™ Trademark for Packaging Void Fill

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      Announcing Protectapack™ Trademark


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      ITB Packaging is excited to announce the official trademarking of Protectapack™, an innovative top packaging void fill for the In-The-Box collapsible packaging system. This marks a significant step in offering advanced packaging void fill protection to various industries.

      “The trademark of Protectapack™ is not just a legal achievement; it reflects our dedication and commitment to innovation and sustainability in packaging.” —Jeff Tischleder, President of ITB Packaging

      Dunnage Designed for Enhanced Protection

      Protectapack™ seamlessly integrates void fill, partition, and box into one SKU, offering heightened product security and space efficiency. The system features taller, adjustable partitions that fold over products, ensuring extra protection during transit.

      Sustainable and Cost-Effective

      By reducing the need for additional dunnage, decreasing dimensional weight, and using 100% recyclable paper, Protectapack™ cuts material and freight costs and aligns with ITB Packaging’s commitment to sustainable and cost-effective packaging solutions.