Packaging Trends of 2022

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      What will 2022 look like for the world of packaging? Quite frankly, it will look a lot like 2020 & 2021. Six packaging trends that will continue to take a strong hold in 2022 are packaging machinery automation, sustainability, interactive packaging, transparent packaging design, ecommerce packaging, and simplistic & geometrically designed packaging solutions.

      Packaging Automation Machinery- The biggest push for 2022 will be for companies to convert over to packaging solutions that work with automatic packing machinery (and did we mention that ITB Packaging LLC‘s solutions do!!). With the major labor shortage in 2021, it became very apparent that companies must adopt packaging solutions that work with this type of machinery, to decrease the number of packers needed.

      Sustainability- Just like the past few years packaging companies are still feeling the pressure to convert to reusable and sustainable packaging solutions.

      Interactive Packaging- With the increased use of technology, QR codes are not only usefully for the end consumer, but for supply chain management systems to be able to track exactly where the package is.

      Transparent Packaging Solutions- Some products are just so good they sell themselves. Customers want packaging that is transparent, giving them the ability to see the product before they open the package.

      Ecommerce- online shopping will continue to increase throughout 2022, as well as the need for ecommerce packaging.

      Simplistic & Geometric- In 2022 we will see more packaging designs with the original corrugated brown color and simple geometric printed shapes. This will give the packaging both a natural and simplistic aesthetic.