Packaging Automation

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      As we enter into the busy holiday season, companies that adopt packaging solution with the ability to run on automatic machinery, such as carton erecting and tray forming, will have increase productivity, efficiency, ROI, and profitability

      Why is Packaging Automation Important?

      • COVID-19 Proof:  Almost all manufacturers have experienced the spread of illness throughout their facility. Minimizing the amountMy Post of packers needed, with automation, will majorly reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19. With less sick employees, your company will increase both morale and profitability.
      • Optimizing Packaging Lines: Purchasing packaging solution that have the ability to run on automatic machinery will give your company a faster turn around rate, more satisfied customers, and increased efficiency.
      • Help Eliminate Staffing Issues: With the holidays quickly approaching, the need for more staff will soon be exacerbated. By implementing packaging solutions that have the ability to run on automatized machinery, the need for more employees will be eliminated.
      • Decrease Labor Costs: Packaging automation is a fool proof way to decrease cost structure, increase ROI, and profit margins.

      How Can ITB Help? 

      ITB’s, In The Box, packaging solutions are fully compatible with automatic packaging machinery. Our exceptionally engineered divider systems, come completely installed within the box, giving it the ability to be easily erected by automatic machinery.