Out-of-state Wine and Beer Sales Could Increase Michigan’s Economic Growth

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      Currently Michigan residents cannot receive wine from out-of-state retailers or wine clubs, but this norm may soon be a thing of the past. Ifwine Copy the SB 819 and HB 5579 companion bills are passed, this would allow residents of Michigan to purchase out-of-state wine, spirits, and beer. In addition, these bills would allow Michigan’s small craft distillers to ship beer straight to the end consumer’s door.

      Michigan’s breweries already have an outstanding impact on the economy, as they bring in locals and tourists from all around the country. The ability of these brewing companies to deliver craft beer straight to customer’s doors would help the growth of Michigan’s economy immensely. With the current state of the economy, Michigan could use any form of economic boost they can get.

      As we are aware, COVID-19 will likely be around for a long time, resulting in prolonged closures of bars, breweries, wineries, and pubs. With the ability to deliver their beverages straight to the customers home, brewing companies would help maintain social distancing, eliminating the need for the buyer to leave their home. Also, giving consumers an alternative way to purchase these beverages, could result in an increased product demand, which would have a direct correlation in job growth within breweries, fulfillment systems, packaging companies, and more.