Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

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      5 7 2020Two of the biggest packaging issues within the cosmetic industry are fit and sustainability.

      Most cosmetic products come in a uniquely shaped bottle. Due to this, many cosmetic manufacturers find it extremely difficult to find packaging that properly fits their products and prevents damage and spillage.

      All ITB Packaging LLC‘s partitions can be customized for each individual product’s. Regardless of your products shape or size, we have a solution for you.

      The second biggest issue within the cosmetic industry is sustainability. In recent years, many online influencers have emphasized the importance of sustainability within the cosmetic industry. With trending hashtags such as #greenbeauty and #cleanbeauty , having sustainable packaging throughout the supply chain is extremely important to the end consumers.

      Our 20# Smooth Kraft In The box partition is a 100% recyclable packaging solution for your beauty products.

      Let us help revolutionize the cosmetic industry to be green, clean, and damage free!