Biggest Meal Kit Packaging Issues

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      As we all know home deliveries are on the rise. Are you an aspiring chef that still wants the convenience of home delivery? Then a meal kit might be the solution for you. With any type of home delivery we can never forget one of the most important parts, the PACKAGING!

      Meal Kit Packaging

      In this article:

      • Sustainability
      • Delivery Speed
      • Costs
      • The Unboxing Experience

      Here are the biggest issues with meal kit packaging:


      The largest demographic that purchases meal kits are millennial. Having sustainable packaging is a top priority for this demographic group.

      Delivery Speed

      Meal kits are made up of fresh and perishable food. Due to this timely delivery is a necessity for this product. Meal kit buyers also expect to have their food delivered on a timely manner, in a way that will not interrupt their schedule.


      With meal kits being made up of fresh high-quality food, this already increases the cost of this product. Adding excessive amount of packaging to ensure no damage to the product can drive up the cost even higher.

      The Unboxing Experience

      It takes only 3 seconds to make a first impression. If the customer opens a meal kit that is unorganized and overly packaged, it will leave the customer with negative feelings toward the meal kit brand. As mentioned above, millennials want sustainable products. Too much plastic packaging could be very unappealing to the target market. A poorly packaged meal kit could diminish your products sales.

      How can ITB help? 

      ITB Packaging offers a 100% recyclable meal kit packaging solution to cater towards your target market’s needs. Our expendable lead times are short, which will give your company the security of never running out of packaging. ITB’s packaging solutions are cost effective and will always be cheaper than any corrugated inserts or plastic packaging. The In-The-Box design is simplistic, environmentally friendly, and will keep structure and order within the meal kit. Our packaging dividers will give your company the reassurance that the end consumer will always have the best unboxing experience possible.