Plant Packaging

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      As E-commerce continues to expand, there is no limit to what can be delivered straight to your doorstep. Recently companies, such as Amazon, have seen a significant increase in online plant sales. If you take a look at reviews, within plant purchases, it is very obvious that there is a huge problem when it comes to shipping plants… the packaging.plantPost 32

      When these plants are shipped many customers complain about receiving plants that have been tipped over, which causes stress to the plant and a big mess. Another issue online plant purchases have is over packaging. In attempts to prevent the dirt spillage many of these plants are wrapped in an abundances of plastic and bubble wrap. With sustainability being a top priority for most plant lovers, this can be very off putting.

      Although there seems to be major issues, when it comes to shipping plants, ITB Packaging LLC has a solution for all of these problems! Our In The Box packaging design will hold the plants gentle enough to not damage them, but firm enough to prevent spillage. ITB’s 20# Smooth Kraft material is also 100% recyclable, to satisfy all plant lovers sustainable needs.