Fast Moving Consumer Goods Packaging

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      In today’s world just about everything is one mouse click away, including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Over half of consumer purchases are made up of FMCG, such as toilet paper, milk, beer, cleaning products, cosmetics, and over the counter medicines.

      As fulfillment centers, such as Amazon, continuously improve their supply chains, FMCG are now being expedited through the procurement and fulfillment processes. With the urgency of FMCG exponentially increasing, there is a direct correlation in packaging sales. Since inventory for these goods has a rapid turnover rate, packaging companies must maintain equal levels of inventory.

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      • As the number of middle-class citizens in developing countries continues to grow, shipping of fast-moving consumer goods, also known as FMCG, is booming.
      • As eCommerce continues to increase, shipping FMCG has become our new norm.
      • The FMCG market is predicted to grow 4.2% by 2024.
      • With FMCG being a cost sensitive market, having cost effective packaging is a top priority.
      • Pets are now being considered “family” causing pet products to become FMCG. This has expanded the need for pet product packaging.
      • FMCG are constantly changing. Quick turnaround for new product packaging is extremely important for the success of this industry.
      • Due to health awareness, there has been a surge in meal kit packaging.
      • FMCG is estimated to be worth $557 billion by the end of 2020, extensively widening the need for packaging.

      ITB Packaging LLC is committed to supporting your companies FMCG packaging needs. Our ergonomically designed packaging solutions will maximize productivity while minimizing labor costs. The In The Box design is fully collapsible, requires no tooling, saves space, is 50% lighter than die cut, and has a faster pack-out rate than our leading competitor. ITB Packaging LLC’s packaging solution will always add value to your company’s supply chain!