Top ten sustainable packaging questions
    Answering the Top 10 Questions About Sustainable Packaging
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    Navigating The Green Wave What is Sustainable Packaging? Why is Sustainable Packaging Important? What Materials are Considered Sustainable? How Can Sustainable Packaging Benefit Businesses? Are Sustainable Packaging Solutions Cost-Effective? Can…

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    What is Sustainable Packaging?
    What is Sustainable Packaging? (Infographic)
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    What is Sustainable Packaging? Making packaging sustainable is a lot like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube: very difficult, yet possible. Here is the criteria established by the Sustainable Packaging…

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    7 Advantages of Sustainable Packaging
    7 Advantages of Sustainable Packaging
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    The 7 advantages of sustainable packaging: Reduce Carbon Footprint Versatile Optimizing Production Diminish Amount of Warehouse and Truck Space Needed Increase Sales Decrease Cost Boost Brand Image Reduce Carbon Footprint…

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    Sustainable Packaging Solutions Header
    Sustainable Packaging Solutions ♻️ 💚
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    “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” – Annie Leonard In this article: Sustainable Packaging Overview What is sustainable packaging? What…

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    Meal Kit Packaging
    Biggest Meal Kit Packaging Issues
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    As we all know home deliveries are on the rise. Are you an aspiring chef that still wants the convenience of home delivery? Then a meal kit might be the…

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    sustainable cosmetic packaging
    Cosmetic Bottle Packaging
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    Two of the biggest packaging issues within the cosmetic industry are fit and sustainability. Most cosmetic products come in a uniquely shaped bottle. Due to this, many cosmetic manufacturers find…

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    Personal Care Secondary Packaging
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    Due to the unfortunate circumstances resulting from COVID-19, many of us missed the opportunity to attend The Inspired Home Show. That being said, ITB Packaging LLC greatly respects the decision of canceling the show…

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    box ecom
    The New Reality of Packaging
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    With the stay-at-home order, consumers have changed the buying habits from in store to online. Due to this shift in consumer buying habits, eCommerce in the US is predicted to…

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