The PPE Pandemic

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      As COVID-19 has massively increase the use off PPE, having recyclable and non-plastic packaging solutions is extremely important during these hard times. ITB Packaging LLC

      PPE Pandemic 

      • 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year.My Post copy 15
      • The oceans are a huge part of the circular economy. Not only does marine life provide food for many people, it also provides jobs.
      • A UK study found that if everyone used a single-use mask each day for a whole year, it would create 66,000 tons of contaminated waste and 57,000 tons of plastic packaging waste.
      • Researchers have found that humans consume about a spoonful of plastic every week due to ocean pollution.
      • There will soon be more waste in the ocean from COVID-19 than jelly fish.
      • In one single day doctors and nurses can go in and out of a patient’s room 50-80 times changing their PPE every visit.
      • With so much plastic in the oceans, interfering with Prochlorococcus, a marine bacterium that is photosynthetic. This bacterium accounts for 10% of the oxygen we breath. Microscopic plastic bits that dissolve in the water have been interfering with the marine bacterium oxygen production. This means the air we breath may be polluted with plastic.

      How can ITB Help? 

      Our 20# In The Box packaging design is 100% recyclable. This means ours packaging solutions will not contribute to plastic pollution. With so much PPE being used, cutting back on plastic packaging is extremely important for our economy, marine life, and our health.