5 Ways to Reduce the Costs of Packaging

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      With material prices on the rise, increases in transportation and warehousing costs, and labor shortages still persisting, knowing how to save money, space, and time to reduce the costs of packaging is essential during these difficult times. Luckily there is an easy solution that solves all three of these problems: utilizing flexible, collapsible, and cost effective packaging solutions.


      1. Reduce Damage for Cost Savings

      When you adopt packaging solutions with the ability to isolate fragile items from heavier, thus eliminating shifting and migration during the transit cycle, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of your products arriving to the end user damaged. Not only can this increase the likelihood of a repeat customer, but this will also practically eliminate the need to repackage items, replace damaged products, and reship entire packages. When orders have to be corrected due to packaging damage, this can become very costly to a company. By simply adding a divider system to your packaging solution, your products have a much higher probability of arriving to their final destination, damage free.

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      2. Enhance Customer Experience to Save Money

      We all know customer experience is a huge driver in whether or not a customer is likely to repeat an order or refer others. With packaging being the very first thing customers see and touch, ensuring the packaging is exceptional is key to your success. Furthermore having packaging that looks outstanding on the inside is just as important as how it looks on the outside. With the popularity of unboxing videos expanding, having great presentation inside the box will improve profitability and lessen the chance of a bad review and order returns, and overall helping to decrease the costs of packaging.

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      3. Simplify The Process to Save Time

      A great way to save time and labor is to simplify the packaging process. By purchasing packaging solutions that are pre-assembled, with partitions already glued inside, there will be no need to hire employees to assemble the packaging. This will significantly decrease the number of packers needed and your overall pack out time. Partitions will also help packers know exactly where to place items, based on their shape and size, advancing your long-term efficiency.

      Watch how our packaging solutions reduce the overall pack out time.

      4. Integrate With Pick & Pack Modules to Save Time and Labor

      Flexible packaging solutions with partitions that are made from materials like paper are able to integrate with in-carton erecting equipment or pick & pack modules. Packaging solutions that can integrate with machines can fully automate your packaging process, eliminating the need for more employees and giving you top level efficiency.

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      5. Add Flexible Packaging to Save Space

      By acquiring flexible packaging solutions you will be able to save space in all parts of your supply chain. There are flexible packaging solutions, such as the In The Box packaging solution, that are fully collapsible giving them the ability to ship and be stored completely flat. Packaging solutions like this are single SKU which reduces warehouse space, simplifies the replenishment process, and gives you a significant reduction in labor. Countering extremely high freight costs, you’ll be able to fit all of your packaging solutions on one skid giving you the ability to fit more on a truck, thus reducing both space and costs. This space saving benefit will also transfer into your warehouse, eliminating the need to purchase excessive amounts of warehouse space.

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