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The Real Price of Packaging
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“Everything can be improved.” —Clarence W. Barron In this article: Costs of packaging overview Core pricing factors How you can reduce packaging costs The bottom line More from the packaging…

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Types of Packaging Materials
Types of Packaging Materials
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In this article: Overview Categories of Packaging Packaging Material Considerations Types of Packaging Materials The Bottom Line More from our packaging optimization series OVERVIEW Manufacturers should choose each level of…

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Food Packaging Solutions
5 Ways to Reduce the Costs of Packaging
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With material prices on the rise, increases in transportation and warehousing costs, and labor shortages still persisting, knowing how to save money, space, and time to reduce the costs of…

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10 Ways to Improve Cost Savings With Paper & Corrugated Partitions
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The benefits of using paper and corrugated partitions are many. Our flexible paper and corrugated partitions are the perfect fit, delivering protection, ease-of-use, and optimal use of space. In this…

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World Packaging Day
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On March 24th of 2006 World Packaging Day was establish in India to celebrate and recognize packaging professionals. As of 2012, World Packaging Day has ventured beyond the Indian borders…

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6 Benefits of Flexible Packaging Dividers
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Our flexible packaging dividers light weight, eco-friendly, collapsible, customizable, and cost-efficient. In this article: Light weight Eco-Friendly Convenient Customizable Cost-efficient Collapsible 1. Light Weight  Flexible packaging dividers are significantly lighter…

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Gas Pump
Collapsible Packaging Design Helps Surging Gas Prices
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Gas prices are continuing to surge averaging over $4 a gallon in the United States. throughout the country, this is on average a whole dollar increase, since 2021. These prices…

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Collapsible Returnable Bulk Bin
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What makes our product unique? The divider is already glued into the box Completely collapsible for shipping and storage Single SKU box & divider ships flat. Same space as if…

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we like to keep things simple
We like to keep things simple!
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Here at ITB Packaging, innovation is key and simplicity is a must. We make ever part of our product simple, from the buying process to installation. Just open and box,…

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Make sure your plants are ready to ship!
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Spring is quickly approaching, make sure your plants are ready to ship!  In today’s world you can order anything online, even plants! If keeping plants alive during transit isn’t hard…

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