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    COVID-19 and the Packaging Industry

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      As we all watch the news and scroll through social media, it is very obvious how the medical field and food industry has a direct impact onwoman in face mask shopping in supermarket 3987216 COVID-19. What isn’t as obvious to most people is how big of an impact the packaging industry has during pandemic. Packaging clearly serves a purpose to contain, store, and ship goods. Something that isn’t as apparent to the everyday consumers is the sanitary element that gives everyone the peace of mind that their goods are safe and clean.

      How COVID-19 is Changing the Packaging Industry

      • There has been an increase demand for dry food packaging, due to its longer shelf life.
      • With consumers becoming more aware of food safety packaged fresh food has become the preferred option.
      • There has been an increase demand in meal kit packaging and home delivery packaging.
      • Overall consumers now have an increase value towards packaging, as hygienic practices become more important.
      • Expendable packaging has become the most valuable form and one time use packaging solutions are now seen as more sanitary.