Why Should You Use Retail Ready Packaging?

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      Since the start of the pandemic, families have begun to eat at home more and out at restaurants less. Although the amount of food being consumed is fairly similar to the amount before COVID-19, there has been an increased need for retail ready packaging, due to the change of where the food is being purchased.

      Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) increases efficiency, decreasing labor costs, and overall simplifying retail processes.

      Retail Ready Packaging makes it easier to:

      • Identify RRP makes products easier to find both in the warehouse and on the store shelf
      • Open RRP doesn’t need additional tools for opening.
      • Stock RRP requires minimal effort to stock on a shelf, cutting down on time and labor.
      • Dispose RRP is a recyclable packaging option, making disposal both easy and sustainable.
      • Shop ITB’s RRP, helps shoppers to easily remove without causing the display to collapse.