Packaging Efficiency Solutions for Cultured Kombucha

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      Courtney Lorenz, Cultured Kombucha

      An interview with Courtney Lorenz, Founder, Cultured Kombucha Co.

      Industry: Specialty Beverage

      Key Benefit: Improved production and packaging efficiencies


      Q. What were you using before choosing ITB integrated solutions, and what were the key drivers that had you convert from your existing supplier to ITB Packaging?

      “Our original packaging was a standardized box configuration and manually inserted dividers. By upgrading to ITB’s packaging solutions we were able to achieve a higher level of productivity per hour and additionally, lower stress on staff to achieve a higher packaging rate with less effort. Both situations are a win!”


      Q. Can you walk us through the experience in dealing with ITB Packaging during the process of designing, quoting, sampling to eventually receiving your first order? Did you find the process to be collaborative and professional?

      “ITB’s response to our inquiry was smooth and easy to work with from the beginning. The team worked together to achieve our timeline and make our product come to life with ease.”


      Q. How has the integrated single SKU ITB Packaging solutions impacted your operations and customers?

      “Integrating ITB’s packaging solutions into our manufacturing plant for food and beverage has allowed our staff to streamline the production process, reduced our staging time, and expedited our case packing. By creating a streamlined process and eliminating a step in our manufacturing process our staff can work with greater capacity and less stress.”


      Q. Would you recommend working with ITB Packaging to solve your packaging challenges?

      “Absolutely – we would be happy to refer ITB packaging to anyone in the food and beverage industry.”