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      Purchased on-line order of variety liquids, snacks, beverages and household cleaners through online grocery delivery service.

      Product arrived in the good condition with no punctures or damage and with cleaning items separated from food.

      18 air pillows used as void fill & separation. Estimated cost of void fill 48 cents. RSC style box with dimensions of 15 ¾x13½x12 and sq. ft. of 10.86; proper sizing would lead to 9.69 sq. ft. reduction or 9%.


      Implement ITB Packaging Proprietary Flexible Divider System. Customized cell configuration allows for containment & separation of heavier liquids from shifting & migrating during transit cycle.

      Key items that need to be isolated & separated from other items, will have dedicated & restrictive space. Each customized cell will assure items remain upright, separated, and intact.

      Integrating ITB proprietary divider solutions allow the divider to provide horizontal protection by isolating items and restricting shifting & migration. The dimensional right sizing technology would provide the vertical protection and structural integrity for stacking strength & mitigating vertical movement of items.


      The ITB Divider would eliminate the need for air pillows, providing the following estimated savings:

      • 48 cents reduction of void fill packaging cost by eliminating air pillows
      • Reduction of labor by eliminating the multiple repetitive motion & touches of reaching for air pillows, pulling pillows into car, tearing of air pillows, manipulating the air pillows into voids and filling head space. In many cases another touch occurs, when operator either adds more air pillows or removal of excess air pillows.
      • Between $.80 and $1.29 savings of shipping costs due to dimensional right sizing of carton. (Based on comparison of 16 DIM lbs. being reduced to 14 DIM lbs.)

      Increased customer experience which optimizes customer acquisition & retention expense!

      ITB Packaging Solution Drawing
      Grocery Deliver RSC Dimensions

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