ITB Packaging ~ where the innovation is in the box!


ITB Packaging’s revolutionary process uses less raw materials to perform the same function as other packaging manufacturers.  This leads to lower prices and greener processes – less material means less manufacturing cost and a smaller footprint, while lighter weight means lower transportation costs.

In addition, our process requires no tooling.  ITB’s interior cells are sealed from top to bottom, providing strength, durability, and superior part separation and protection.

Our divider’s design allows us to ship our products flat.  This contributes to our greater shipping efficiency.  Our products arrive ready to simply pop open and drop into your container.

We offer our dividers in many flexible materials to meet your needs, including:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper
  • and Fabric (Blue Plush and LX 15025).

The divider frame (used for the Pop and Drop application) can be corrugated paper or plastic, or the divider can be connected directly to the container using a hook/loop application.

Learn more about our expendable packaging and our returnable packaging capabilities.