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    World Packaging Day

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      My project 2022 03 24T081338.921

      On March 24th of 2006 World Packaging Day was establish in India to celebrate and recognize packaging professionals. As of 2012, World Packaging Day has ventured beyond the Indian borders and is now celebrated worldwide.

      Why should packaging be celebrated?

      Packaging is used everywhere and unless you are in the packaging industry, you might now realize how important it is. From manufacturing, to shipping ecommerce goods, we rely on packaging everyday to protect our goods. A whooping 131 billion packages were shipped worldwide in 2020!

      The importance of GOOD packaging

      • Helps to protect your product
      • box ecomEnhances customer experience
      • Lowers shipping costs
      • Optimizes supply chains
      • Increases efficiency
      • Increases density ( you can package more with less!)
      • Can help lower your carbon footprint

      What does good packaging look like?

      Good packaging should be user friendly, sustainable, machine capable, ergonomically designed, and should properly fit your product. Neglecting to purchase a superior packaging solution could cause your products to get damage, increasing your overall costs, and resulting in unhappy customers.

      Take a moment to appreciate all that the packaging industry has done

      and achieved. Happy World Packaging Day!