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    6 Benefits of Flexible Packaging Dividers

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      Our flexible packaging dividers light weight, eco-friendly, collapsible, customizable, and cost-efficient.

      In this article:

      1. Light Weight 

      Flexible packaging dividers are significantly lighter compared to other types of packaging solutions. With flexible packaging being much lighter, this can decrease shipping costs and the likelihood of the packaging getting damage during transit.

      2. Eco-Friendly 

      Flexible packaging uses much less material making it an eco-friendly option, helping your company reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to using less material, many flexible packaging solutions are made from 100% recyclable material, such as paper.

      3. Convenient

      With flexible packaging is frequently fully assemble when the customer receives it. This makes it both easy and convenient for the customer to package their goods.

      4. Customizable 

      With flexible packaging being… flexible, this makes it extremely easy to shape them in a way to custom fit your products.

      5. Cost-efficient 

      With a combination of flexible packaging being light weight, using less material, ease of use, and taking up less spaces, this helps customers see all around savings in freight cost, material cost, warehousing cost, and labor.

      6. Collapsible 

      Many flexible packaging solutions are fully collapsible, helping consumers to decrease transportation costs and save space.