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    Collapsible Packaging Design Helps Surging Gas Prices

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      Gas prices are continuing to surge averaging over $4 a gallon in the United States. throughout the country, this is on average

      Image from iOS 17a whole dollar increase, since 2021. These prices are not only hurting consumers wallets at the pump, but companies supply chains.

      With yet another price increase soon to hit, along with the sky rocketing gas prices, supply chain managers are seeking out alternative packaging solutions to help save space, time, money.

      Given the challenges around global supply chains,  along with the unprecedented increases in raw materials, labor, and transportation, now more than ever ITB Packaging’s collapsible, reusable, and cost-effective solutions create significant value & savings.

      How Does it Work?

      ITB Packaging’s solutions are collapsible and able to ship completely flat on a skid. The dividers are preassembled in the box, tote, or bin making them extremely user friendly. With the ability to ship flat, this saves warehouse space and most importantly truck space!

      What Solution is Best For You?

      ITB’s dividers are custom made for your unique product and industry.

      Wine and Spirits Packaging Solution

      ITB’s divider / partition is pre assembled in the box providing protection and ease of use of you wine and spirits packaging solution.

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      Ecommerce Packaging Solution

      ITB’s ecommerce packaging solutions help to mitigate the shifting of heavy products from more fragile products overall enhancing customer experience.

      20 Kraft with Interleaf


      Manufacturing Packaging Solution

      Increase part density and protection with ITB’s returnable and expendable dividers.

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      Health and Beauty Packaging Solution

      Keep liquids and dry products separate with ITB’s sustainable health and beauty packaging solutions.



      Meal Kit Packaging Solution

      ITB’s meal kit packaging solutions help to reduce damage and enhance customer experience by keeping produce that is easily bruised or punctured separated from the heavier items.



      House Plants and Nursery Packaging Solution

      A 100% recyclable plant packaging solution. ITB’s dividers have to keep plants up right to prevent soil spillage and increase the protection of the plants.

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      Beverage Packaging Solution

      Ease of use is key in the beverage industry. ITB’s dividers are pre assembled in the box giving you a secondary beverage packaging solutions that is ready to use right off the skid.

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