10 Ways to Improve Cost Savings With Paper & Corrugated Partitions

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1. Damage Reduction

Corrugated and paper partitions have the ability to isolate fragile items from heavier items, eliminating shifting and migration during the transit cycle. adoption a paper or corrugated partition will decrease damage reduction.

ITB corrugated paper partition

2. Enhance Customer Experience

These solutions have better packaging presentation, less damage, and 100% recyclable vs air pillows, bubble wrap, or foam. Enhancing customer experience will increase your likelihood for a repeat customer.

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3. Eliminate Void Fill

With the ability to separate and isolate items with paper and corrugated partitions, this will completely eliminate the need for void fill. This benefit also will decrease material cost by removing the need for excess air pillows, bubble wrap, or foam. In addition, by eliminating void fill this will take away the need  for extra labor to pack the void fill, increasing labor savings as well.

ITB corrugated paper partition

4. Sustainability

Paper partitions are 100% recyclable. This will help you and your company lower your carbon footprint and overall make the world a better place.

ITB corrugated paper partition

5. Ease of Use

Paper partitions are extremely user friendly. Many paper partitions come already glued inside the box, so all the packer needs to do is open the box and secure the bottom. In addition to ease of assembly, both paper and corrugated partition help packer to know exactly where to pack items, which overall increases efficiency.


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6. Pack More With Less

Using paper and corrugated partitions will help you to pack more items in one box. With the capability to package heavy items next to light weight items, due to the partitions ability to isolate and separate goods, this will get rid of the need to package these items separately. utilizing less boxes will reduce material costs, save space, decrease shipping costs, and lower your carbon footprint.    

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7. Customizable

Both paper and corrugated partition are extremely customizable. If you are looking for unique cell sizes, paper partitions are recommended due to a much higher level of customization. Since everyone has their own unique products, with the ability to customize you will be able ti increase product protection and ship more with less.

ITB corrugated paper partition

8. Flexible Design 

Paper partitions are a flexible packaging solutions, which increases customization. These solutions are also collapsible, making them single-SKU. What to learn more about flexible packaging? Checkout 6 Benefits for Flexible Packaging!

ITB corrugated paper partition

9. Space Saving Options

Collapsible paper partitions will turn your warehouse back into manufacturing space. During shipping customized cells nest products closer which uses the entire container interior, thus increasing packing densities by 15-100%.

ITB corrugated paper partition

10. Packaging Automation 

With paper partitions being glued in the box, this gives them the ability to be used with in-carton erecting equipment or pick & pack modules.

ITB corrugated paper partition