When compared to integrated corrugated divider solutions, ITB Packaging wins decisively—by the numbers.


Average Labor Reduction

Our lightweight dividers make our boxes easier to set up which translates to an average 5% labor reduction

Increased Pallet Density

Our 20# and 30# Kraft paper allow for a thinner knockdown height increasing the pallet density of flat boxes by 30%

Decreased Freight Cost

Less material, lighter weight and thinner knockdowns result in decreased freight costs up to 50%

Total Cost Reduction

We utilize less material and pass on to you a guaranteed savings of at least 30%  of total cost

Our integrated corrugated divider solutions vs the competition.



bullet Easily accommodates different product weights, various part protection needs, and desired number of inventory turns.YesNo
bullet Doesn't require costly tooling and dies.YesNo
bullet Offers a guaranteed savings program for hybrid reusable expendable materials.YesNo
bullet More ergonomically friendly for packers, logistics and handling personnel.YesNo
bullet Collapses 30-50% more than E-Flute material leading to less stress and damage to the corrugated outer box.YesNo
bullet Uses flexible and pliable materials for less wear and tear / greater durability over time.YesNo
bullet Provides greater flexibility for part insertion.YesNo
bullet Quickly designs, tests, and fills supply chain needs.YesNo