Stacked Plastic

Big parts, curved parts, parts that go in racks, parts that go horizontally into bulk bins.  All of these things until now have presented some of the most challenging and expensive solutions in the world of packaging.

Let’s face it, they just don’t fit convention.  Put a curved front fascia into a square rack and tell me how much wasted space you have.  Stack them in foam fingers and you still lose space inside the container… lot’s of it.  Do a horizontal load on a water pump and what are your options?  You can weld together a rack with shelves or you can try using some kind of die-cut shelving.  Problem is, with die-cutting you still have the  weakness due to the slots.  Not to mention the fact that the shelves will get torn to pieces in no time at all.



What you see in the pictures above is a solution utilizing curved cells which took the previous parts per container of 12 and doubled it to 24.

Do you have curved or heavy parts you think might benefit from this type of solution?  Let us design one for you.