Returnable Packaging

ITB offers soft, flexible dividers at a lower cost.  Our savings come from two key manufacturing breakthroughs:

  1. We machine all products, vs. sewn or die-cut;
  2. We have a proprietary, innovative design capability.

Our automated process results in higher throughput, lower material costs, & lower labor costs.

These efficiencies, combined with our other lean manufacturing breakthroughs (using less raw materials, no tooling, and shipping products flat), mean our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.


Available ITB Materials Replaces this Material
Blue Plush: Blue-brushed polyester on both sides with polyester center for body. Most durable with the highest surface protection. Pcor (plastic corrugated) Spunbond; Pcor Brushed Polyester; Pcor Soft Edge; Sewn 5oz. Ultra; Sewn Headliner; Soft Edge
LX 15025: This is a gray Spunbond Polypropylene felt style product.  This is a price point product.  Not quite as durable or part-friendly as Blue Plush.  All Spunbond PP; Spunbond PP on Corrugated Plastic; Spunbond PP on Chip Board