Shaker Table

Side-By-Side Comparison

One of the steps that ITB has taken to ensure quality is to install an in-house shaker table.  We offer side-by-side shake tests of current dividers and ITB dividers loaded with your parts.  Contact us if you would like to utilize this option for your dividers.

ITB dividers are flexible, offering your parts a cushioned ride for superior surface protection.  The following videos demonstrate the difference flexibility makes in the treatment parts receive during transport.

View the videos in this manner: first, click “start” on both videos and see the difference in a side-by-side comparison. Then, play the Traditional Corrugated Divider video, close your eyes, and listen … then, play the ITB Divider video, close your eyes, and listen … Now, answer for yourself the following questions: which one sounds better? Which one brings you more comfort and makes you believe your product will arrive safely at your customer’s door?

Traditional Corrugated Divider 

Notice how the parts “bang” on the sides of the corrugated divider.

ITB Divider

Notice how the parts are cushioned in the flexing ITB divider.