Options – Hot Melt Glue

Options in Soft Flexible Dividers

Glue: Hot Melt

Strength: 20 – 25 pounds of “Peal” pull per inch.

Heat Resistance: The temperature at which the adhesion begins to be compromised –
190 degrees

Cold Resistance: The temperature at which the adhesion is significantly compromised – Minus 20 degrees

Description: Polyethylene Based Adhesive

Part Contact: Because of the curving of the material, only parts that have a sharp edge can get deep enough into a corner to touch the glue. Testing shows NO transfer from glue to parts when contact is made. If there is a chance that the part may touch the glue each part should be tested. ITB Packaging LLC can assist with this.

PSA: ITB glue is NOT a PSA, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. PSA adhesives are found on PSA Velcro, double back tape, tapes, peal and stick foam, and often used to glue Spun Bond Polypropylene to corrugated plastic. PSA adhesives have a low melt temperature and remain tacky. This type of adhesive can “flow” through thin fabrics or be exposed on edges of tapes. It is PSA adhesive that can transfer to parts.